Sunday the 13th of May is Your Day! All Mums Deserve the Best Treatment

Can you believe that Mother’s Day is almost here? Time sure flies when you’re multi-tasking! You’re always so busy taking care of the family that sometimes you forget to take care of yourself. But now it’s that one time of the year when Mums can take a step back from the hustle and bustle of juggling the many hats worn to get through everyday life to indulge in some well-deserved me time. Take time out, relax, and come and see us for a giant dose of rejuvenating treatment!


Treat Yourself to One of Our Special Mother’s Day Gift Packages!

How long has it been since you last had just a moment in the day totally to yourself? Some free time without cleaning up after everyone else, without rushing to pick up the kids from school, or racing into the supermarket to grab something quick and easy for dinner—a moment where it’s all about you?

We have three different Mother’s Day Gift Packages that offer up to an hour and a half of pure bliss:

  • Spa Revive (30 minutes)

This package includes Revive Facial, Eye Revive Treatment, and Spa Foot Scrub.

Revive Facial is a super-hydrating, anti-aging, luxurious facial that produces gorgeous, luminous skin. Add in our special Eye Revive Treatment and Spa Foot Scrub, and Mum will be leaving the salon with not just her face glowing and relaxed, but her whole body as well!

You’ll be taking home a beautiful, limited edition gift after your blissful treatment experience: Lonvitalite 24K Gold & Collagen Eye Mask. The unique combination of skin-nourishing ingredients and 24K Gold offers anti-aging effects no other eye mask does.

Pay only $99 to receive a complete package that’s worth $125!

  • Spa Revitalise (1 hour)

This package includes Revitalise Facial, Revital-Eyes Lash Tint, LED Light Therapy, and Spa Foot Scrub.

Packaged to nourish and plump up your skin, Revitalise Facial will help your face regain that youthful, fresh glow. Our Revital-Eyes Lash Tint and LED Light Therapy will add the finishing touches to your facial treatment and truly make you look radiant! Enjoy a Spa Foot Scrub at the end of your treatment to feel revitalised from top to bottom.

The special take-home gift we have prepared for this package is S2 Collagen Firming & Moisturising Silk Face Mask. This face mask contains 100% natural protein which grants it the ability to not only moisturize your skin but also to enhance your skin’s natural regeneration rate for a long-lasting effect.

This is our best-selling experience! Pay only $149 to receive a complete package that’s worth $190!

  • Spa Rejuvenate (1 hour and 30 minutes)

This package includes Rejuvenate Facial, LED Light Therapy, Massage (30 minutes), Collagen Eye Mask, and Rejuvenating Hand Treatment.

The Rejuvenate Facial uses oxygen, plant-derived stem cells, and specially-concentrated enzymatic botanicals to lift the skin and deliver a premium treatment experience with immediate results. Our LED Light Therapy will take care of those fine lines, resulting in a smooth, dewy complexion. Then our Collagen Eye Mask will soothe and cool your skin after all those exclusive treatments so there will be no downtime! Enjoy a 30-minutes Massage and a Rejuvenating Hand Treatment afterward for a complete and totally relaxing experience.

Choose this package, and you’ll be taking home a Lemon Sorbet Body Cream. Our Lemon Sorbet Body Cream is unique because it doesn’t leave that greasy feeling that comes with the application of most body creams. This is a refreshing, all-natural body cream that feels delightfully cool on your skin. All our clients love Lemon Sorbet Body Cream.

Pay only $199 to receive a complete package that’s worth $260! That’s a saving of over $60!


Treat Your Mum to Bec’s Beauty and Spa Special Gift Experience

If you or any Mum in your life would like a surprise this Mother’s Day (like we all do), then we’ve got an offer to give you the freedom to create your own in-salon experience:

  • Gift Vouchers – select any monetary value

Our Gift Vouchers are renowned as the perfect choice of gift when you’re just not sure what kind of treatment will make you or your Mum happiest. Buy a gift voucher to give the freedom of choice.

  • Gift Packs

We’ve also got beautiful gift packs that will send a message of gratitude and appreciation for a lifetime of love, and the packs start from only $83! The great news is everyone loves our Mother’s Day Gift Packs, and we have new limited edition skin-loving goodies beautifully packaged every Mum would love. Plus, when you spend $100 or more on a Gift Pack this Mother’s Day, you will get an extra Free $20 Gift Voucher redeemable towards any facial 30 minutes or more to enjoy! The not-so-great news, our Gift Packs are very limited, and they sell out fast! Ask your therapists the next time you’re in the salon or act fast and call us today.

Bec’s Beauty and Spa has made Mother’s Day shopping super easy this year, and we can’t wait to care for you and for all the Mums who are close to your heart.

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